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Specialist Mental Health Mentor (ASC)

What is Specialist Mentoring (ASC) support and how will it benefit me?

  • A personal mentor who is a qualified professional

  • Regular weekly support

  • Understanding of your needs

  • Supporting you to succeed and achieve

  • Weekly improvements and progress

  • Practical support and strategies to help you maximise your strengths and improve on your weaknesses

  • Strategies for effective communication

  • Flexible support, adapting to your changing needs

  • Teaching you clear strategies to help you overcome difficulties and achieve in life and the workplace

  • Personal development and skills for life

  • Professional, objective non-judgemental support


Areas they can help you with: 

  • Transition to university – understanding how it works and what to expect

  • Orientation – finding your way around - campus, the city, useful routes.

  • Socialisation – joining clubs and groups.

  • Friendships – discussing issues, set- backs, concerns.

  • Emotional difficulties – listening, talking through problems, sign posting, offering practical   advice, problem solving and finding solutions

  • Guidance

  • Motivation

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