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Specialist Study Skills Tutor (SpLD)

What is Specialist Study Skills (SpLD) Support and how will it benefit me?

  • A personal tutor who is a qualified professional

  • Regular weekly support

  • Understand your learning needs

  • Working together towards your course requirements 

  • Supporting you to succeed and achieve

  • Weekly improvements and progress

  • Prioritising and breaking your work down into achievable tasks

  • Practical support and strategies to help you maximise your strengths and improve on your       weaknesses

  • Adapting the sessions to your learning style

  • Teaching you clear strategies to help you overcome difficulties and achieve in life and the workplace 


Areas they can help you with: -

  • Time Management

  • Organising yourself and university timetable including work goals

  • Organisation of tasks 

  • Thoughts and ideas

  • Lecture notes into key sections/hi-light

  • Planning

  • Breaking the task down into achievable weekly goals

  • Planning your time and organising tasks into priority order

  • Preparation

  • How to write your essay and what to include

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